Three Key Factors to Start & Accelerate Your Profitable Expert-Based Business 


Three Skills You Need to Master to Thrive in 2022 and Beyond:

(Note: I hosted the Live version of the Workshops in May 2022, but no worries! You can now purchase the On-Demand version at a no-brainer price.:) 

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Christ-Centered Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers:


Feel exhausted physically and mentally sometimes? Like running out of fuel?

Your business is growing, but you are stretching very thin in time and energy.
You know it's time to raise the price, but you aren't sure how.

Not sure what content to create for your podcast, videos, or your social media?

You have spun many wheels to appear "updated." You can't help asking yourself: "Do I really have to sing or dance in my videos to attract buyers?"

Wonder which pricing model you should use - lower or higher tiers?

You have seen many different models in the marketplace: some say high ticket is the way to go; some say you need to start from low ticket.  

You want to have greater confidence when it comes to sales conversations.

You find yourself having a hard time articulating the value of your program/service, and your message is a bit hit and miss. 

You want to create more financial & time margins for your business and life while aligning with your in-season assignment.

You are determined to accelerate this season to create that impact you have always wanted.


"My friend Kelly, a brilliant business strategist, and marketing consultant.
She is one of just a handful of people in the world who I have said yes to partner together and teach some of the content that I've taught over the last several years, working with some of the top business thought leaders in their marketing and their branding.

She's incredibly dedicated. She's brilliant. She carries with her just years and years of experience in this space.

If you ever thought about working with Kelly, you've been on the fence. This is my way of saying do it. You are going to be in great hands with her and you are going to see incredible results in your business. If you got any questions about Kelly, I'd be happy to put my name on the line to support her."

Mike Kim
Personal Branding Expert, Speaker, Podcaster


Workshop 1: Pricing To Profit

The Pricing Strategies that Honor & Respect both you & your client's value.  So you can create not just more revenue and more impact, but more freedom.

  • Psychology of Pricing

  • The #1 Mistake that limits most coaches' and consultants' revenue

  • Pricing tiers for your program/service

  • Why narrow is indeed the way, especially when you're just getting started or you're starting a new niche

  • How to present your pricing more effectively, especially during your negotiation with organizations

  • Value Pricing Concept and Application Tool

    And so much more!


"I’m so glad I decided to attend this workshop! I got so many great nuggets from it that can be immediately implemented and
I especially loved the breakout rooms to connect with others.

I received business breakthroughs as well as incredible mindset shifts, and most of all loved the aspect and foundational piece of doing business with God.
Thank you, Kelly!

Britt Olander
Creative Business Consultant

Workshop 2: 

The Year of Acceleration | Time Budgeting

Let’s Make Time Serve You!

  • Avoid this from happening: Capping out your capacity and still not achieving your targeted revenue.

  • Take inventory and Understand your in-season assignment.

  • Reflect and Recalibrate for 2022 and Beyond!

  • Set intentions for both personal life and business performance.

  • Plan out the next 12 Months for personal life and business launches ON CALENDAR!


"Wow, Kelly-thank you for such an informative workshop! Great tools to apply to my business. The Position to Thrive Workshop is spectacular!  Kelly gives models and methods you apply to your business, establishing a better connection with your audience."

Amy Blanchard
Founder of AmyBGoodies

Workshop 3: 

Content That Launches & Attracts Buyers

Content that establishes your authority and connection! 

  • Understand the difference between Building an Audience vs. Attracting Ideal Clients.

  • Learn the relationship between the market sophistication and the type of content you should publish.

  • Find out why How-To content isn't necessarily the best type of content for coaches & consultants.

  • Map out your pillar content to attract clients for the rest of 2022!




Christ-Centered Coach/Consultant/Service Provider Who

  • Has an existing expert- or service-based business; or

  • Is about to start your expert-based business.

  • Wants to use the Pricing Strategies that honor & respect both you & your client's value; creates more revenue and impact, also more freedom.

  • Desires to create more financial & time margins for your business and life while aligning with your in-season assignment.

  • Wants to stop spinning the wheel of aimless content creation, but maximize the time & effort to attract ideal clients through your content. 

  • Desires to turn your side hustle into full-time revenue.

  • Is 40 years old and above; you know it's your time to accelerate your growth and create the freedom & impact you've always wanted.

  • Takes your marketplace calling seriously; ready to implement what you learn.



  • Product-based Business Owners.

  • Non action-takers.

  • People who are total beginners - you are still figuring out your real expertise.

  • People who desire to get rich without working for it.

  • People who are not ready to make their current ceiling to become their new floors to move forward.


"Kelly is the 'PROFESSIONAL LEADER' personified. Her commitment to her clients as well as her focus on getting them the results they strive for is unwavering. Simply put, she was born to coach and lead! "

Chris Ducker


Three On-Demand Workshops  

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"You cannot fix what you cannot see! I've generated my highest retainer fee during the pandemic! If you have an opportunity to work with Kelly, don't wait, grab it!"

Katrina Douglas
The Launch Strategist

Your Workshop Host - Kelly

Kelly equips Christian coaches, consultants, and service providers to create profitable businesses by establishing their PREEMINENT positioning in the marketplace, so they can finally become the influential change-makers they are called to be!

Mastering Growth Mindset.  Profit Styles™. Brand Stories.
Empowering Sales Conversation. Servant Leadership.  Value Proposition.


Kelly’s approach to individual identity aligned success has made her a sought-after speaker on renowned stages like Tedx Basel, Youpreneur Summit, Agency Transformation, and John C Maxwell Certification event.

She also hosts a top-ranked podcast - Christian CEO Podcast since 2016.


Kelly is a certified business and leadership coach by ICF, John C Maxwell Team, and Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs. She has coached and mentored entrepreneurs and organization leaders in 4 continents since 2008.

She has been featured in industry-leading publications and podcasts like The Huffington Post, Youpreneur FM, Eternal Leadership, Stewarding Your Influence, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs, and many more.

Kellys book, A Little Girl Called Grace was Amazon Bestseller in 2012.


Kelly is happily married, has two lovely adult children, and after traveling the globe, she and her family have now settled in Switzerland.


This workshop series is one of the projects God has asked of Kelly in this season of her life: To feed + empower His sheep in the marketplace!  Are you one of the called? 

Join Kelly for the Marketplace Revival!


The workshop fee is Non-Refundable. We trust you have prayed and thought through before investing your time, mental bandwidth, and money.

Within 48 hours after the workshop, you will be able to access to recording and download any session materials.

No problem! Just email us:
[email protected] . Subject LineWorkshop Question.  We will get back to you in 24 hours.


Imagine you can finally Align, Accelerate, and March Forward into the NEW SEASON with clarity and confidence!


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